“Acoustic Casings” & “Audible Shapes”, Materials, Sounds Exhibition, Black Mountain College Museum, Asheville, NC (June-August 2019)

“Refraction Series”, a light/video event, The New Non: New Narratives in Abstraction, Flux Factory, LIC, Queens (June 2018)

“Lucid”: a 12 channel audio installation/sound sculpture, Precarious Sounds//Sounding Sanctuary Conference, NYU FAS Department, Avery Fischer Center for Music & Media, New York, NY (Feb 2018)

“Lucid Spheres”: a six channel sound sculpture, Megapolis Audio Festival, Philadephia, PA (Sept 2017)

“Pipes: Channeling”: a multichannel sound sculpture for Re-Embodied Sound: A Symposium on Transducer-Based Music and Art, Columbia University Computer Music Center, New York, NY (April 2017)

“Memory Bleed”: an audio/video installation for the Governor’s Island Art Fair, New York, NY (Sept 2016)

“In Passing: Portal”: a sound installation for Make Music NY, Central Park, New York, NY (June 2016)

“Dreamscape”: a sound installation for Dreamcatching Group Show, Club 157, Brooklyn, NY (Feb 2016)

"Eternal Drift": an electronic music composition, Women in Sound/Women in Sound Symposium, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK (Nov 2015)

“Tonal Landscapes: exploring the drone layers of NYC”: ALLGOLD’s PLATFORMS series, MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY (June 2015)

“Extended Vocals”: a spatial sound performance, CT-SWaM, Fridman Gallery, NY, NY (June 2015)

“En‐trained: sounding the daily commute”: a sound installation for the New York Transit Museum’s PLATFORM event, Brooklyn, NY (June 2014)

“60 x 60”: a series of 5.1 surround sound compositions, Harvestworks, NY, NY (May 2014)

“Healing Room”: a sound installation for the Gallatin MA show, NYU, NY (May 2014)




“Quantum Echoes: an immersive soundscape”: 7.1 surround sound installation, Harvestworks Digital Media Center, NY, NY (March 2014)

“Winter Solstice: an immersive environment”: sound design and projections, Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (Dec 2013)

“In Passing”: a series of sound interventions in the public park archways of NYC (August 2013) “Fluid Architectures 1”: a sound installation for the Gallatin Arts Festival, NY, NY (April 2013)

“Fluid Architectures”: a sound installation for  

the Gallatin Arts Festival, NY (April 2013) 


“Place/Non‐Place”: a performance/installation,  

Judson Church, NYC (Sept 2012) 


"Satellite:  A Series of New Media  

Installations" and “Stop.Look.Listen: a 

Community Art Exhibit”: Milwaukee Avenue 

Arts Festival, Chicago, IL (July 2011 & July 2012)


Women in Audio: Current Challenges and Contributions, AES 2016


Quantum Echoes: Spatial Sound Practice and Embodiment through Sonic Immersion, NYU Master's Thesis 2014


I Hear NY4D: Hybrid Acoustic and Augmented Auditory Display for Urban Soundscapes, ICAD 2014


"Queering Sound Space: Orientations of Listening", The Global Composition, Conference on Sound, Media, and the Environment, Hochschule Darmstadt, Media Campus Dieburg, Germany,  July 2018 


"Sonic [Art] Liberation: Merging Mind + Matter in a Multi-Sense", SID (Sounds Images Data Conference), NYU, July 2015

"Active Listening", Guest Lecture, NYU Music Technology, Oct 2014


"Perspectives on Sound Art" Sound Signatures Conference, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Jan 2014