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B i o g r a p h y

Jenn Grossman is a sound/experiential media artist & electronic composer based in Brooklyn, NY.  Working in sound sculpture, audiovisual installation and performance, sound collage, light/video events, public interventions, ambient music, and spatial audio works, she's concerned with the psycho-spatial, surreal, affective, and transcendent potentials of sensory media. She's held residencies at I-Park Foundation, Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, presented audio works and research at museums such as Black Mountain College Museum, the Museum of the Moving Image, festivals like the Megapolis Audio Festival, the Cistern Dreams at the Deep Listening Institute, galleries such as Microscope Gallery and Arete Gallery, and in unconventional public locations for Make Music NY. This year, her work was presented at SARC's Sonic Lab with the Irish Sound, Science, & Technology Association, Roulette's MATA festival and the Light Matter Film Festival at Alfred University.

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