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B i o g r a p h y

Jenn Grossman is an experimental musician/sound installation/experiential media artist living and working in NYC. Lingering somewhere between philosophical, psychological, and artistic approaches to exploring sound and light, she is interested in ways that they heighten emotional, social, and sensory awareness, cause materials to transcend themselves, and engage us in active modes of perception from the art gallery to the street. Coming from a sculptural, multimedia arts & music background, sound art has been an intuitive discovery for her, propelling her current focus on time-based media: light installations, multichannel sound environments, vocal explorations, acoustic-architectural interventions, and collaborative composing and sound designing for film and movement artists. She has installed and participated in various performances in venues such as Harvestworks, Open Source Gallery, Reverse Gallery, and the New York Transit Museum, for festivals such as the Deep Listening Conference's Cistern Dream session, OPENSIGNAL, the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, and the Gallatin Arts Festival, and in transitory spaces like the Central Park tunnels, garbage cans, and stairwells.

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